Happy Wednesday Web Design

My day job is designing websites, for writers and others, primarily using Wordpress but also incorporating additional html, css and php to make each site truly unique. As a writer myself, and having designed this current site in collaboration with the wonderful Technoleg Taliesin, I know what writers - published and unpublished - need from a website.

Having worked in web design for over a decade, I use Wordpress because it is one of the most popular and easy-to-maintain development packages out there. However, when I design a site in WP, I personalize it accordingly to reflect the unique business requirements of my clients. I also build-in effective SEO and plug in all the necessary security measures to keep the site safe, providing my customers with an attractive and high quality yet competitively-priced website that showcases and promotes their work. In addition, I can provide hosting and maintain the site for a reasonable hourly rate if clients wish.

So if you would like to discuss your website needs with me, please do get in touch!


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